The Beginning and The End! New Alan Eaton 45 SET Amp in progress for 3 HO's!

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messaged ya


So, here the latest Alan Eaton 45 SET -- That red one on the bottom is on the way to me--  Should play well with my CAMs:D


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You will love it. Using RCA 45s and 6SN7s and a Tungsol. Enjoy !!!


The CAMs are loving it:


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What’s funny is that I had an Alan Eaton 45 amp. Sold it a few months ago, and to put it simply - I miss it. I emailed Alan and tried to buy the red one. You bought it just before I emailed him back to say I’ll take it. Well done.  I plan to have him make me the same one. His amps for the price sound special - as does the 45 tube.


great amp for omega's  :D


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So, I’m having Alan build me another 45 amp. This time I will never sell it (most likely never sell it). I’m thinking I’ll sell my Tekton Lores and purchase the Tekton Perfect SET speakers. I’m thinking / hoping it’d be an upgrade in sound and maybe the impedance is a bit easier as well. I’d like a little more volume but not sure if I’d actually get more with the switch. The Lores say they’re 98 db but they’re really about 95...

In additional I’m going to have Pine Tree build me a switch (no volume) for my DAC and Phono.  Seems like great work they do.

Finally I’m still debating on the best tubes. I LOVED the globes I bought from Brent Jessee. But I’m curious to hear the EML 45’s.  They’re just not cheap. I’ve also considered getting the EML 45b and having Alan’s amp modded to bring up the watts with the 45b - which would solve the 96b issue with 1.5 watts becoming about 3.5. Just not sure how it’d play with the changes.

Decisions decisions. 


I just bought one of these 2nd hand and should receive it by EOW.

I've not found much to read regarding tube rolling on the AE amps.

Do owners of the amp here have fave tube combos?

The one I got has Tung-Sol 45s, Sylvania 6SN7GTB and National Union 6AX5.

I already ordered a RCA 6AX5GT.

In my other amps, I prefer RCA.  So, am thinking about getting some RCA Radiotron 45s.


Consider a pair of the older globe 45's (245/345) and do not underestimate the sonic changes that rolling the rectifier can make.

For the 6SN7 you might consider a 7N7 with the 7N7 to 6SN7 adaptor. A 7N7 is the predecessor of the 6SN7 and are electrically identical, just with a different base pinout. They are much cheaper and can compete with some of the best 6SN7s.


Thanks for your feedback doggie.
After a few weeks with the amp...
I was really close to getting a pair of RCA globes but they are quite a bit more expensive than the ST types. 
My fave combo right now is CBS 45, Sylvania Chome Dome 6SN7 and CBS 6AX5GT rectifier.
I am comparing it against my other amp and am preferring it over the AE atm.

My understanding is the 7N7 is Sylvania regardless of label.


So, I got the Topping E30ii which has a pair of the new AKM 4493S Velvet chips.  It's very smooth sounding and a very good match with the AE45.  It's now very very close to my other anp that's being fed by a dac at 20 times the price.