New EL84 based amp

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Re: New EL84 based amp
« Reply #80 on: 15 Nov 2020, 07:18 pm »
Looks really cool.

I have not had a tube amp for a couple of years and thinking about getting a one again and the ST35 looks like a nice option. I did have a Decware ZenKit that used EL83’s and liked the sound. The midrange was great, but the bass was rolled off. I’m sure this was due to the limitations of the Edcor OPTs.

I’m running a Mac Air w/Audirvana, iFi DAC2, Roy’s SP14, and a SissySIT and love the combination.


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Re: New EL84 based amp
« Reply #81 on: 15 Nov 2020, 11:47 pm »
Looks to me like the power transformer and output transformers, and likely the output caps too.

I would agree.  When you compare the two kits, the VTA and ANK kits cost about the same when similarly equipped.  The base transformers on the ANK look equivalent to the upgrade Z656 iron.  When you add the front and rear panels and the integrated connections they cost the same.

I look at this as a lower price alternative to a Leben CS300.


Re: New EL84 based amp
« Reply #82 on: 25 Jan 2023, 12:43 am »
Understand this is an old thread and not sure if it's okay to post this [I'll take down, if not]; but I have an ST35 for sale here on Audiocircle and US Audio Mart: