DentonAudioWorks 24 Strand Speaker Cable Assembly

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DentonAudioWorks 24 Strand Speaker Cable Assembly
« on: 14 Nov 2022, 08:59 pm »
Here's an order i put together today. Customer ordered spades and bananas.
Build starts off the same by separating the two different colored strands.

Next step is a couple of clean twisted legs. Notice both legs are twisted to the interior of the cable.

Trim them to 6in and ESR paper is installed on the split at the bottom if you have some.

When installing tube connectors or banana plugs are the 24 strand cable sometimes you have to pull a few strands out in order to get a snug fit.

Those extra strands can get wrapped around the base.

Solder the banana plugs on.

For spades i strip the wires about a 1/4in back so no excess sticks out the front of the connector.

Solder the spades on.

Final step in heat shrink. Large piece goes on first at the bottom, then the smaller pieces on the legs.

At this point they are done and ready to ship!
This time of year isn't as busy so most of the cable orders are shipping within 1-2 days.
Contact me at or Danny at for any orders or questions.


Re: DentonAudioWorks 24 Strand Speaker Cable Assembly
« Reply #1 on: 15 Nov 2022, 01:08 pm »
Nice looking cables.

I just want to add that I built a set of the 16 strand speaker cables not too long ago.  I was unprepared for how much work they would require.  How hard can it be, right?  I had to buy a new pair of wire strippers and practice my soldering skills.  Stripping all the wire ends (16x4) was major and not easy, even with new strippers.  Pulling the rope thru the center of the braid was a challenge as well - pulling it thru with a pull wire taped to one end worked much better in my mind than in reality.

I'm not sure how many hours I had in this project that I thought would take me 2 hours, but it was considerably more.  Did I mention the blisters?

If I were to do it again, or knew then what I know now, I would definitely consider having someone else build them for me.


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Re: DentonAudioWorks 24 Strand Speaker Cable Assembly
« Reply #2 on: 16 Nov 2022, 03:30 am »
Some CNC’ed wooden “pants” would take those cables to the next level.