My System, a Two-channel Audio System by toocool4

System 1
Room Size
L 5.52m x W 3.25m x H 2.4m
System Overview
2 channel analogue setup
Music Preferences
I pretty much listen to everything as I feel if I am blinkered, I will miss something good.
Room Description
Just an average UK living room.
Acoustic Treatment
Mixture of DIY & GIK Acoustics
Listening Impressions
Clean detailed sound
Media Storage
Ikea racks for records / purpose made cassette shelf
Digital Source
Apple Mac Pro
Analog Source
Acoustic Solid One to One turntable, Dynavector DV507MK-II arm, Acoustical Systems Arché headshell, EMT JSD S 75 cartridge. Dereneville DAE 01 CL motor, Farad Super3 power supply
Other Sources
Nakamichi CR-7 tape deck. Ion Systems FMT-1 tuner
Signal Processors
Lino C 3.3 Phono stage
Spectral Audio DMC 15
Power Amp
Spectral Audio DMA 100s
Peak Consult Sonora
Speaker Cable
Spectral Audio MH-770 Ultralinear II
Spectral Audio MI-350 Ultralinear II, Furutech AG-12, XLO, Grover Huffman, Isoda Electric, Slinkylinks
Beyerdynamic T70 modified, Etymotic ER-4SR, Audio Technica CKW1000ANV, Bang & Olufsen A8
HNE Systems Granite Hi-Fi rack
Power Cond
Emerson Liebert GXT4 3000VA
Tuning and Tweaks
Finite Element Cerabase, Symposium Rollerblocks, HRS damping plates, Furutech rhodium double wall socket
Other Components
Loricraft PRC3 record cleaning machine