turntable footfall isolation

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Re: turntable footfall isolation
« Reply #20 on: 13 Feb 2010, 10:48 pm »
Hi, Jameshuls. I have replied to every inquiry that Herbie's Audio Lab has received. Could be the reply was filtered out by your e-mail server (if so, you can check your junk/spam folders). Happens sometimes with hotmail.com with a reply to FormMail inquiries. (With hotmail.com, if you use the e-mail option on our website, you'll be assured of a reply coming directly to your in-box, because the reply is coming from an address that you've already initiated a relationship with.)
Just so happens Herbie's Audio Lab has a new turntable-dedicated footer that has more footfall-reducing ability than our soft Tenderfeet.

grungebuster IsoBall

Best regards,
Steve Herbelin
Herbie's Audio Lab
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Re: turntable footfall isolation
« Reply #21 on: 13 Feb 2010, 11:47 pm »
Hi Steve,

thanks for the response. I sent my original inquiry via your website question box. Sometimes these things disappear into the aether!

At this very moment I am adding the slate pieces to my system. First, under my Zu druid speakers with some of your Big Fat Dot Teflon sliders. The next step is under the turntable underlain by some thick grungebuster pads. I like the look of these new footers. Too bad they weren't available last month when I made my order! Oh well. something to consider for the future.