Works for Me, a Two-channel Audio System by cheech

Room Size
25 x 19 x 10
System Overview
Two channel system situated in living room
Music Preferences
Predominately smooth jazz, with splashing of old school r&b , classic rock, 80's new wave, blues
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Acoustic Panels behind each speaker
Listening Impressions
Enjoyable to listen to, no fatigue factor , system is not partial to one genre or another, very good dynamics, pace, placement/separation; plays big in my room without passing 10 o'clock on the volume dial
Digital Source
Mojo Audio EVO DAC SimAudio260DT CD transport; Wadia 171i IPOD transport, IPOD Classic 160MG, Channlel Island Audio Linear Power Supply for Wadia 171i
Modwright LS100 (NOS Phillips 5AR4 rectifier; Sophia Electric 6SN7s)
Power Amp
Modwright KWA 100SE
Daedalus Argos V2 (beautiful craftsmanship, musicality & real walnut wood cabinet); stand about 24 inches from rear wall ; roughly 8 1/2 feet apart, 9 1/2 feet from listening position
Speaker Cable
Clear Day Cable Double Shotgun; LessLoss Firewall for Speakers
Acoustic BBQ Double Helix (DAC to preamp ; or DAC to integrated amps), Silnote Audio Orion RCA (power amp to preamp); Acoustic BBQ Double Helix SPDIF digital cable (transport to DAC)
Power Cables
Audio Art Cable - Power 1 Statement & Power 1 ePlus Cryo
4 shelf rack with heavy duty acrylic shelves and solid metal posts - built by an Audiogon member Valley Plastics; Solid Steel S3 2 shelf rack
Power Cond
Blue Circle BC6000
Tuning and Tweaks
Daedalus DIDs - used under Line Magnetic 518ia ; VooDoo Iso Pods under Modwright LS100 , Iso Acoustic Bronze Under Mojo Audio EVO DAC, Finale Audio 7189 MK2 , SimAudio 260DT transport Daedalus Speakers DIDs under Argos V2s
Other Components
Line Magnetic 518ia (integrated amp) Stock Psvane 845s, NOS GE 6L6s , NOS Tung Sol 5751s , NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifier Finale Audio 7189 (2) , 7189/EL84 integrated amp NOS Russian 6N14N-EB (7189a), NOS CBS 5AR4 rectifier , NOS GE 12ax7s.