The Home Theater, a Two-channel Audio System by Tyson

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Room Size
System Overview
Two Channel system, with 4K OLED Projector and 100" screen
Music Preferences
Classical, electronic, hip hop, rock, pop and of course MOVIES.
Room Description
Fully finished garden level basement
Acoustic Treatment
DIY acoustic panels; Custom absorbent Roman Shade window coverings
Media Storage
Everything ripped to several 8tb hard drives.
Digital Source
Roon ROCK Server -> Hapa Audio Silver Aero USB -> iFi iDSD Pro
Other Sources
Sony 4k Blu Ray Player; Roku Ultra streaming device
iCon 4 zen (autoformer preamp)
Power Amp
First Watt (BA3); First Watt Aleph J; Don Sachs "baby-Kootenay"; Custom EL84 Push-Pull; Dennis Had Inspire MB14 SEP Monoblocks; Almarro A318B 6C33C SET; TAL Korneff Type 45 SET; Elekit TU 8233 2a3/300b SET; Sun Valley 211/845 SET
GR Research NX-Oticas
6 x 12" Rythmik Audio OB Servo subwoofers
Speaker Cable
Nemak hand polished silver
Hapa Audio Quiescence Silver
Power Cables
DIY GR Research
Beyerdynamic Tesla T1s
Salamander Maple rack
Power Cond
2 x PS Audio P5 power regenerators (one for digital gear, one for analog gear); 3 x Bybee Power Conditioners