2 Channel Music, a Two-channel Audio System by Tyson

Room Size
System Overview
This is where 95% of my music listening occurs.
Music Preferences
Room Description
Main floor in a 1954 brick Split Ranch style home.
Acoustic Treatment
Thick shag carpet on the floor. Massive DIY acoustic art panels on all walls.
Media Storage
None. All streaming via ethernet.
Digital Source
Roon ROCK Server -> Hapa Audio Silver Aero USB -> iFi iDSD Pro
Custom TVC Preamp
Power Amp
First Watt (BA3); First Watt Aleph J; Don Sachs "baby-Kootenay"; Custom EL84 Push-Pull; Dennis Had Inspire MB14 SEP Monoblocks; Almarro A318B 6C33C SET; TAL Korneff Type 45 SET; Elekit TU 8233 2a3/300b SET; Sun Valley 211/845 SET
GR Research Super 7
4 x 12" Rythmik OB servo subs (built in to the Super 7s)
Speaker Cable
Hapa Audio Silver Torsion
Hapa Audio Silver Haiku
Power Cables
GR Research DIY
Power Cond
PS Audio P10; 2 x Bybee Power Strips