Neighbor friendly dipole sub

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Re: Neighbor friendly dipole sub
« Reply #60 on: 14 Aug 2010, 08:16 am »
Any updates to this topic forthcoming?
None on my side. I am very happy with the bass of my OB sub.

I am using now a Hypex DS 8 digital amp. The transition frequency between main and sub is 40-50 Hz.

I plan to decrease the dead volume in the small cavity even further.


As the last phase of my system build, I have a pair of Adire Brahma 15's that I wish to use as OB subs, and for the same reason, neighbor friendliness. However, I've never heard OB before and was wondering if perhaps this elaborate setup is uneccessary and a regular set of OB panel mounts would achieve same result (in terms of neighbor friendliness). The Brahma's are particulary nice looking as well and I'd prefer to see the cones out front.

However, if this configuration would keep me from being evicted (is superior to plain OB) then I would do it.

I would try the plain OB first: it is much simpler and it does not suffer from a secondary resonance. See Graham Maynard's post above.

Interesting reading:



Re: Neighbor friendly dipole sub
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Thank you for that, will definitely read. :)

Say, I'm still at a somewhat early build stage with my system, I'm just now putting together my monitors, and have yet to order preamp, amp, and some other items. They will also be diy items and may take me some time.

 Literally at this moment about to tear into the flatpack for my Statement Monitors and start gluing.

Could I possibly talk to you in PM at date in the near future regarding my sub application? 


Re: Neighbor friendly dipole sub
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Any updates?

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Re: Neighbor friendly dipole sub
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Neat thread, and a very cool design.
Looks like a combination of a Nelson Pass Slot Load and a RiPole.
Updates would be great!  :D



Re: Neighbor friendly dipole sub
« Reply #64 on: 7 Apr 2013, 08:04 pm »
Two years and half later ...

I am still enjoying the my subwoofer. A year or more ago, I added a digital sub-harmonic synthesizer Behringer EX1200 which I modified according to:

but using different values for the replaced capacitors (smaller if I remember correctly).

For a nearfied subwoofer, the most useful part of the Behringer EX1200 is the automatic bass level limiter. It allows to push the  bass level up, which is useful for shy recordings and movies.

The  Behringer EX1200 is connected to the Hypex DS8 with a XLR cable.

I talked to my neighbors a few months ago: they did not know and never noticed that there was a home theater below ...