Is it worth upgrading my amp from Anthem Statement A2 to Krell KAV 250a?

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Nick V

I picked up an Anthem A2 used for a great deal about 4-5 months ago.

There's nothing wrong with the A2, but I feel like in order to really capitalize on the deal that I got, I almost need to flip it for something else.

The A2 is 200 watts/channel into 8 Ohms and 300 watts/channel into 4 Ohms, whereas the Krell is 250 into 8 Ohms, and 500 into 4 Ohms (not sure whether it actually doubles down into 4 Ohms in the real world or not).

The used KAV 250a would cost about $200 CDN more than what I can get for the A2. Is it an upgrade that's worthwhile? The used KAV-250a I'm looking at has recently been completely re-capped with Mundorf Supreme capacitors.

The speakers are Selah Audio Vigore which I should be receiving in the next week or so.

I don't have final specs yet, but it's a fairly large 3-way bookshelf, around 86.5dB efficient, -3dB at 35Hz, 4 Ohm nominal, rear ported speaker.

The rest of the system:

Esoteric SA-50 SACD/CD/DAC
miniDSP DDRC-22D (mostly to tame and tailor bass and midbass) <All digital sources run through it, then to Esoteric as DAC (unless playing SACDs)
Oppo BDP-83
Chromecast Audio (soon to be replaced with Bryston or Auralic streamer)
Wyred4Sound STP-SE Preamp
Anthem Statement A2 Power Amp
Pair of Velodyne SPL-800R subwoofers (stereo subs, will be low-passed at 40Hz to augment lowest octave)
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Mr Peabody

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The Krell will definitely double down and have an iron grip on your speakers.  The kav-250 will be neutral and have good slam.

I'd try the Anthem first to see how you like it.  If it sounds good, then buying at a good deal is icing. 

If you've already hooked up the Anthem and not fully convinced, for $200.00 difference the 250 seems a reasonable move, I feel it's neutral character would match the Esoteric & W4S well.

Nick V

I had been using the Statement A2 for a couple months already. I did pick it up for a steal of a deal.

I sold it last week for a $350 gain (still at a fair price) and picked up a nearly mint, re-capped (w/ Nichicon 105 deg. C caps) KAV-250a/3 for a good price. I also sold my Outlaw 2200 mono that was powering my center channel, and it was nice to consolidate into a 3 channel amp because rack space is a little limited.

The 250a/3 has an iron grip on the bass with my new speakers, and does seem to sound a little better all the way through the range. The only thing I don't like about it is the binding posts are kind of junk, so I'm having the guy that did the re-capping work install 3 pairs of CMC pure copper, gold plated binding posts to replace the originals.

Mr Peabody

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Yeah, with an amp like Krell they could have done better binding posts.  A lot of companies do use the same type of plastic 5-ways though.