Ohm Walsh 2XO micro review

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Ohm Walsh 2XO micro review
« on: 26 Oct 2011, 01:27 am »
I just picked up a pair of Ohm Walsh 2XO s to play with.  I just picked them up yesterday, and so far I like em.  They are no match for my psb Synchrony Ones.  No way, but the way music appears to float between them is really cool.  The sound is on the forgiving side, and the midbass is lacking some kick and bloom that I'm used to hearing, but that's probably a design trade-off to avoid nasty one-notey bass.  The midrange and highs sound sweet without buttering over the relevant musical detail.  I haven't played them very loud, but at moderate volumes I hear no signs of distortion but I feel like they could be compressing a little – although, maybe they are just really power hungry. 

I really like how they don't care so much if you are locked in the sweet spot or not.  That might be their most endearing quality.   I guess they aren't the kind of speakers that scream “You will fall prostrate before my glory!” it's more like they're saying, “what's up?  wanna hear some tunes?”


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Re: Ohm Walsh 2XO micro review
« Reply #1 on: 26 Oct 2011, 02:48 am »
Pretty good synopsis of what I remember them as.  Does some things like few speakers can, but mostly just okay elsewhere.  Regardless of what they are or aren't, they will play music very nicely thank you.