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Doug Schroeder at Dagogo posted his impressions of the Salk/Ava room.  He said he is working on a full review of a pair of SoundScape 10s!



Just noticed that the new pricing Jim mentioned would be coming has taken effect.


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Doug goes on to say

Individuals who like the more mellow sound of Vandersteen speakers may want to have a listen to Salk’s offerings along with Van Alstine; do not be put off by the ceramic mid and ribbon tweeter, as in the Soundscape 12 these were delicate without harshness.

The last thing I think about Jim's speakers is 'more mellow'
Having a warmth and body around the instruments with natural tonality would be my description
Dependant on the source material  - jarring music is going to sound jarring, a cello is going to sound warm with nice overtones

the lower end Vandersteins (model 1 & 2s) do have a "mellow masking" tone to them
the V5's and V7's are a different matter  as are the Salks

will look forward to the full Soundsape review

I agree.  I found it funny that a certain couple of "show attendees" this year reported that the SS's were harsh sounding, blaming it on the midrange (they liked the speakers last year), but then others talked about the warm or mellow sound, while still others praised them for their neutrality.  It just goes to show you we all have our own preferences.  The two show attendees seem to prefer a more laid back sound, while I strive for neutrality; I want the artist to set the standard for how their material is suppose to sound, even if it's harsh or too laid back.  I'm free to not listen if I don't want to.:)  For what it's worth, I don't think the SS's are mellow or harsh at all; quite the opposite in fact (they are extremely detailed and neutral).  I feel the same way about the Vandersteen 5A's and Model 7's.  It will be highly dependent on the room acoustics, of course, because we all know they can effect the sound more than the speakers themselves.


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The example I always use is - listen to a full jazz big band - LIVE without amplification. When all the horns are blowing on crescendos, man, all that brass sound is harsh!