Sept. Audiophile Reviews -- Enjoy the

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Sept. Audiophile Reviews -- Enjoy the
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  Enjoy the's September Review Magazine highlights our annual Blue Note Award! This edition celebrates the very best gear reviewed within the past year! We also have a World Premiere high-end audio review, two cable reviews, Kondo-san concerning his legendary Audio Note Ongaku, a DIY project from none other than the illustrious Nelson Pass plus many music reviews and much more! See the September issue at:

Regular Reading
Daily News: Audiophile news updated each weekday!

BAS Speaker
The Listening Room

Sound Practices
Audio Note Ongaku
Article by Hiroyasu Kondo, Audio Note Japan

VALVE Magazine
Altec Alternatives
Article By Dan Schmalle

In This Issue.... Best Of 2011 Blue Note Awards
Plus special mentions of the Dunlavy Signature Collection SC-IV speakers, Dayton Audio DSS4-BC loudspeaker spikes, and Harmonix TU-666M tuning feet.
Article By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 142
Audioengine 5 Powered Speakers And JPLAY Computer Program.
Article By Dr. Bill Gaw

Manufacturer Article
High End Society
Quality Has Its Price: "Cheap" is not the same as "value for money".

Superior Audio Equipment
Leaving Class A
Article By Nelson Pass of Pass Labs

Pass Laboratories
Supersymmetry Balanced Single-Ended Class-A X250 Stereo Amplifier
Review By A. Colin Flood

Audio Note UK Ongaku
A very temping aural pleasure.
Review By Steven R. Rochlin

Audiophile Equipment Reviews
Blue Note Awards!
Best Audiophile Equipment Of The Year Awards 2011
As Chosen By The Enjoy the Staff

World Premiere!
Music Culture Technology MC 801 Power Amplifier
And MC 601 Preamplifier
Designed by Wolfgang Meletzky to high-end standards as grand marvels.
Review By Anthony Nicosia

Good Vibrations
The Physics of Music Book written by Barry Parker
Review By Jeff Poth

GutWire Uno-S & Eon-Z Interconnects
Plus SP-11.1 & SP-CE Power Cable
Good cables don’t come cheap yet expensive cables may fail to convince.
Review By Phil Gold

JPS Labs UltraConductor 2 Series Cables
Making a difference with high quality cables.
Review By Alfred R. Fredel

D.I.Y. Audio
The Slot Loaded Open Baffle Project
Article By Nelson Pass

Charge Coupled Crossovers
Article By Jeff Poth

Building Oblate Spheroid Waveguides
Far and away the most difficult project I've done to date.
Article By Jeff Poth

PLUS Many Music Reviews

See the September Review Magazine at


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Re: Sept. Audiophile Reviews -- Enjoy the
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 As always a great read, thanks guys.