What grabs you about music and why?

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Re: What grabs you about music and why?
« Reply #20 on: 6 Sep 2018, 12:41 pm »
I think for me I listen for song structure first and foremost. It can be any genre of music and if I like the song structure there's a good chance I'll like the song.

Secondly, I like a good performance, it trumps sound quality of a recording, though I like to have both if possible.

Then I listen for instruments, hard rock for example, catchy guitar riffs, good bass, vocals, drumming, etc.

I try to follow all the instruments at the same time so if the song is good I'm in my bliss. Sometimes I focus on just on one instrument, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard.

With trance/electronic I'm listening for creative music themes and sounds.

And if I'm in the mood I want the music to sound powerful.


Re: What grabs you about music and why?
« Reply #21 on: 6 Sep 2018, 04:22 pm »
I find people respond to music with either their heart, their head, or their gut.  For a heart listener, it's all about the passion, the emotion.  They really connect with the emotional intensity of the music or singer.  For a head listener it's more about the patterns and rhythms and musical construct.  For gut listeners its all about the physicality of the music - they want to feel it, in their body. 

For most people, 2 modes are dominant.  For example, I am a head/gut listener.  So I like composers like Bach (head), and performers like Coltrane (head) and Tool (gut). 

My wife is a heart/gut listener, so for her its all about dance grooves and heartfelt lyrics and singing passion.  She likes the Gypsy Kings and ABBA.