Just got my Tenderfeet

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Just got my Tenderfeet
« on: 13 Mar 2011, 05:42 pm »
 Hi Steve. I got my Tenderfeet last week, after much debating with myself if your isolation feet were any better than what I already have for my Rega P3. I've tried everything- from air bladders on a bed of river sand, with cones, tennis balls, squash balls you name it. My table has a sheet of Dynamat on the bottom of the plinth, and is mounted on a dedicated wall stand with a slab of hardwood with a 3/4 in granite slab, and squash balls. It sounded pretty good but never held me there.  When I installed the Tenderfeet I immediately noticed an improvement. Then I cut out some Dynamat - at your suggestion via email, so that the feet are directly on the plinth. Wow! What a difference! It seems so subtle but now it sounds- real! What a great product! I think I will be looking at your tube rings next. :thumb:  ps: I can get room lock bass with no blurring of any other instruments!