Software : Computer Audio Recommendations

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Re: Software : Computer Audio Recommendations
« Reply #40 on: 20 Feb 2014, 12:04 am »
A few more to the list.

Tagging and Album Art:
musicbrainz  - probably the best one out there, a lot of rippers and taggers use this database, but very few allow you to select the exact release for a given album.   runs on all OSes
beets - uses musicbrainz, but allows you to alter/correct tags in your database - runs on all OSes (just need python installed)

python audio tools - Supports AccurateRip - linux mostly, you can create a script that rips CDs on insertion. - really no better option

music player daemon - linux/mac - it's only focus is to play back music files, imho there's no better player. Easy to deadhead a computer and use various web clients or mobile apps to control.

Also for a more complete list of audio related software:


Re: Software : Computer Audio Recommendations
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nice step by step walk-through for dbPoweramp's CD ripper.



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Re: Software : Computer Audio Recommendations
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Why omit the best sounding player for Windows 7 that makes even the PC sounds better than the Mac?: JPlay  look at their reviews including TAS

Agree.  I'd like to add Windows Server 2012 as optimal OS for JPLAY, and AudiophileOptimizer for both.  IMHO, the WS2012 makes JPLAY sound much better, and the AO pushes the sound quality a few notches higher.


Re: Software : Computer Audio Recommendations
« Reply #43 on: 27 Sep 2016, 06:00 am »
I was surprised these were not mentioned already.
For Mac.

Audirvana is simply amazing.  clean sound... great engine, AU plugins are supported for EQ, convolution, etc...
Fidelia is my second favorite.