Power Quality

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Power Quality
« on: 26 Feb 2003, 05:54 pm »
I'm wondering if the people who use medical or industrial type isolation devices could give any suggestions or recommendations.  Anything in particular to look for or avoid?  Quality brands?  As has been mentioned, ebay is full of these things, various models at various prices.

Also, anyone know if these ONEAC "power conditioners" are useful for audio?  I guess there aren't really isolation devices, but just deal with ground loops?  

"ONEAC Corporation, manufacturer of power conditioners and power conditioned UPSs, announces new ONEGround Power Conditioners, the newest addition to its CL/CP family of power conditioning products. The new ONEGround Power Conditioners, with ONEAC patented ONEGround technology , solve ground skew problems and are available in a variety of VA ratings from 120 to 1000VA."

Also, psychicanimal, if you read this, you've mentioned DIYing a power strip wired in parallel with quality receptacles.  I forget who on this forum posted a link to this guy's kit, but it sure seems like a good price.  Does this meet your requirements?  Is "star" wiring the same as parallel?


Thanks for any help.


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Power Conditioners
« Reply #1 on: 1 Mar 2003, 10:45 pm »
Buyer beware. Lots of hype. My partner and I use both PS Audio and Balanced Power Tech products. Please feel free to visit my educational website which has a section on power. URL below.