Preamp UltraSonic Damping Instruments

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Preamp UltraSonic Damping Instruments
« on: 5 Dec 2009, 04:42 pm »
Herbie's Audio Lab has been working for quite a while on a more sensitive, compliant isolation pad for use exclusively with delicate small-signal tubes. We've finally achieved that goal with our new UltraSonic SS Damping Instruments. By eliminating the need for a stiff outer sleeve, the isolation pads maintain a more sensitive and intimate contact with the tube glass, achieving the most delicate vibration contol ever.
Small-signal tubes, especially 6922-type, are generally quite susceptible to microphonic and micro-vibration distortion. Likewise, they are sensitive to fine musical nuance that is oftentimes masked by a thin veil of microphonics. Unlifting this veil brings out the full potential of these tubes, which can be quite dramatically musical.

UltraSonic SS w/6922 tube (Siemens Cca)
UltraSonics Link
For tube-gear music lovers, I recommend giving UltraSonic SS damping instruments a try on your small-signal tubes. Even if your tubes don't seem particularly "microphonic," you'll probably be pleasantly surprised with the musical improvement. For rectifier and power tubes, UltraSonic Rx or HAL-O III are the way to go.
Best regards,

Steve Herbelin
Herbie's Audio Lab
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Re: Preamp UltraSonic Damping Instruments
« Reply #1 on: 22 Jan 2010, 04:44 pm »
I ordered (5) of these dampers and received them yesterday.  Per my last order with you great communication and fast ship. Thankyou!

I placed the dampers according to your instructions about halfway down on the tubes. One went on a JAN GE 5670 used as a tube buffer in my CDP, and the other 4 went on GE 6189's in my pre-amp.

I immediately heard improvements. I said to myself another veil has been removed. More air around instruments with increased sense of depth.  The sound of the piano was well more real. The speed of the music seems faster which got my foot tapping to the music.

Thanks Steve for another excellent product. 



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Re: Preamp UltraSonic Damping Instruments
« Reply #2 on: 14 Feb 2010, 10:11 pm »
Purchased 4 RX Ultrasonic from Steve for the 12au7 on my amp.

The shipment was fast, well-packaged, and Steve communicated quickly and helpfully.

The dampers have raised the performance level of my system markedly.

I recommend these to anyone who needs to clean up their sound and expand the depth of their recordings.

Thanks Steve!


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Re: Preamp UltraSonic Damping Instruments
« Reply #3 on: 17 Jan 2011, 03:30 am »
Steve:  Finally had a chance to install six Ultrasonic Preamp Damping Instruments on my Manley Jumbo Shrimp ( did all the tubes ) and want to add my name to your list of satisfied customers. They've had a chance to warm up for a few hours now and I can attest to what you say about these guys. Currently listening to Steely Dan- The Royal Scam - improved space around instruments, cymbals sound more real, guitar tones rounder and fatter, soundstage is higher, deeper and wider, horns sound more like horns, overall sound is more dynamic with more detail ( but no harshness or grit ). It's all good. Highly recommend this product. Thanks again, Texas !