deHavilland SuperVerve Preamp

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deHavilland SuperVerve Preamp
« on: 17 Mar 2004, 07:03 pm »
This review is for the deHavilland SuperVerve. The SuperVerve is the UltraVerve except the Superverve uses the Noble Volume control. The UltraVerve uses the Goldpoint volume control. First off let me say that both George Kielczynski and Kara Chaffee are "GREAT" people to work  with. I even got a follow-up call from George to see how I liked the SuperVerve. It's obvious they "Love" what they do. The build quality is excellent. Built like a tank and beautiful to look at(I went with the red lettering).

Now for the sound. The first thing that hit me was "this preamp has a BIG sound"!! Kara told me if you want big sound use big tubes. These tubes look like they should be in a tube amp. The only tube I changed out was the 6SN7. I use a 1943 Kenrad NOS 6SN7. Great sounding tube ($80.00 investment). The sound is Full, lush, detailed with a BIG soundstage (wide & Deep). This is a Dynamic preamp. The highs are glorious. They are extended but not harsh. The Cymbals sound so real and you can sense the air around them. The bass is to die for!!! Deep, tight and authorative. The SuperVerve portrays a big soundstage that is both wide and deep. Images are placed accurately with-in the soundstage. I’m hearing music within the music that I haven’t heard before. I’m not the only one who heard music that they never heard before.

My brother was in town and we were playing a Procal Harum tune (he’s been a fan of Procal for 30 some odd years) and he turned to me and said “I never heard that instrument before”. This preamp is perfect for my system. It is a joy to listen to. And That’s what it’s all about. I’m listening to music not the system. If you are looking for a preamp in the 2K range, you must give the deHavilland SuperVerve a listen. You will end up with a great sounding preamp and a good looking one at that..
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