Takatsuki TA300B Tube

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Takatsuki TA300B Tube
« on: 10 Nov 2010, 04:31 am »
I had high hopes a well made 300B from Japan would come to our shores and sell
for a price that was attainable ......boy was i wrong.


The retail price in Japan is 98,000 yen @ release November 10 2010. That is $1145 per pair .In contacting the MFG they told me the agent was Air Tight.
I contacted them and was told Axxis in Los Angeles was the distributor.

I was emailed by them telling me the USD price per pair was $1800.00 and when
I told them what to do with them.....he said they bought all next years production so they could ram it in without grease.....oh hyperinflation is here and the $ is squat.
If i come off pissed it's because you can't buy anything anymore of quality without going in debt.

I work for Goldman Sachs ......