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Re: Welcome to GAS
« Reply #320 on: 3 Mar 2017, 05:09 am »
Welcome aboard  :thumb:. When you're headed this way just let us know so we can roll out the welcome mat.


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Re: Welcome to GAS
« Reply #321 on: 22 Jul 2017, 01:30 am »
Hey guys, new to the community from Springfield, MO. I like headphones and Marantz, Yamaha, Wharfedale and Monitor Audio gear. I'm working on getting some Adam A7x or A77x powered speakers. Usually I go to Kansas City for concerts, but sometimes St. Louis, depending.


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Re: Welcome to GAS
« Reply #322 on: 22 Jul 2017, 08:23 pm »
Welcome!  I'm in Springfield for a few days right now.  Based in Rolla.


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Re: Welcome to GAS
« Reply #323 on: 23 Jan 2018, 04:24 pm »
Hello All,
My name is Justin and I'm glad to be here.  I'm 30 years old and live in St. Charles, Mo.  I've been into Hifi for about 6 years now and have had a lot go through my system in that time.  My current setup is listed below.  I'm very much into the DIY stuff and am close to finishing my next system.  Looking forward to possibly having some meetups in the future and listening to others sound. 

Corner loaded Radian 5215Be's
PS Audio Direct Stream Junior (Roon Endpoint)
PS Audio BHK Signature Preamplifier (ordered)
Hypex Ncore NC400 Mono Block Amplifiers

I plan to go active on the crossovers this year after taxes :)  I want to order some Marchand XO's and then Bi-amp the Hi/Low.  Looking at going with a 300b for the highs but costs may be prohibitive.  I'm normally a horn guy but wanted to try the Coaxials out and haven't been let down yet.  One day i want to build a Klipsch Jubilee set with the K-402 and Jub bass cabinet.  That is the dream.  Look forward to talking and discussing with everyone.


Scott F.

Re: Welcome to GAS
« Reply #324 on: 23 Jan 2018, 07:06 pm »
Welcome aboard Justin!

Bob in St. Louis

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Re: Welcome to GAS
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Welcome!  :thumb: