Louis: what are you bringing to the Midewst Audiofest?

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What gear do you plan to bring to the fest? Are you going to have vinyl?  I bet a good analog/SET or PP tube setup would sound awesome with your Omegas.  Will you bring something that will allow people to see the veneer finishes you offer?  I noticed on the website that you have several funky veneers.  It would be cool to see a sample in person.  

Look forward to seeing you there!


Louis O

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Louis: what are you bringing to the Midewst Audiofest?
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Hi Jack,

I'm bringing amps by Opera Audio. A Cyber 30 with 2A3s (SET 3 watts), M400S monoblocks with EL-34s PP (40 watts), and a M500 with 300Bs monoblocks (SET 9 watts). Linestage is a T1. For phono looks like a Eurolab table and a Loricraft phonostage. Sacd by Sony and Meridian CD player. Cables by Moray James and Audiopath and stands by Skylan. Just for fun I'll bring my block of wood tube amp 8 watt PP integrated. This has 4 little TV tubes on a circiut board and mounted on a block of wood and I bought it complete for $100. Sounds pretty good too.

The Vinyl setup bring out the best in the speakers. I'll make up a sample book of the finishes and also I've added 2 new colors : Caramel Crepe Suede and Slate Crepe Suede. These are satin finished laminates that look great.

Also I've working on the TS3 Grande and these will be there as well.

Can't wait to see everyone

Best Regards,