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Re: Piano M1
« Reply #20 on: 21 Aug 2010, 10:11 am »

Just wanted to share my Piano M1 experience so far:

I contacted Seth a while back when I was setting up the RWA listening room.  I mainly use my Macbook as my source (feeding USB into the Isabellina dac), or play vinyl - but I knew I needed to have a CD Transport to add to the listening room for customers who bring their CDs.

So I went ahead and ordered a Virtue Piano M1 from Seth in Black, with a Walnut top (which looks very classy and closely matches my Walnut equipment rack).  I love the size of this CDP, and upon opening the box, I was very impressed by how solid and well-built the Piano M1 is.  It has nice mass from the solid aluminum enclosure and a hefty toroidal transformer used for the linear power supply (not a SMPS that you typically find in a CDP at this price point).

Based on looks and build quality alone, the Piano M1 is a steal - but it also proved to be an excellent transport for the Isabellina.  I am getting great results using both the coax and optical output (I haven't done enough A/B'ing to determine which I prefer using). 

While I do prefer the analog outputs of the Isabellina and bought the Piano to use as a CD transport, I did try the Piano's analog outputs and they are MUCH better sounding than many CD players that cost quite a bit more than the M1 -- Good tonal density, doesn't suffer from a sterile digital sound, no harshness in the top-end, and nice PRaT. 

I'm really impressed with the Piano M1 - it is a silly-good value!  It'll be staying here for a long time.  Nice work, Seth! 

Happy listening!  :beer:


    Class Act  It is good to see that manufactures can respect each others products. 

    Having had both the privilege and pleasure of knowing both individuals, I am not surprised. 


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Re: Piano M1
« Reply #21 on: 21 Aug 2010, 01:58 pm »
Excellent find ZLS.. thank you!!! I look forward to hearing from other users of Piano M1 !! :thumb: :thumb:


Re: Piano M1
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I run my Piano with the tube buffered Sensatipn. I get wall to wall sound and incredible depth. Tonality is as good as I have ever heard. You like 3D? This will get it easily, depending on the recording.