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Re: Sensation Pics
« Reply #20 on: 28 Apr 2010, 10:37 am »
Here's a couple of pics of my 451. It arrived safely here in norway. Thanks Seth.
I did not bother to take it out of the rack to take pictures of it, so it's a bit dark :) But it is Zebra top, black flat sides and silver front. I think it's nice. The Zebra top was not ordered, but Seth threw it in as well (I'm glad he did :)) The Figured Sycamore as I order, did not look so good as the Zebra.

I have used the One for a year now, but this is a total different animal. I like it a lot. And the convenience with the remote operation is luxury for a earlier DIY tube guy :) The amp operates slick with no noise or abnormalities. I also use the preout to feed a sub. It's nice that there are no spikes of any kind on the preamp output, when turning the sensation on and off (standby). I don't have to mute the subs.   
Thank's for a real nice audioproduct :)



Re: Re: Sensation Pics
« Reply #21 on: 19 Aug 2010, 01:16 am »
To start this thread, back on March 27th I posted that: "I got my amp!!!"
Well now ...The M-901 has become a part of a larger journey somehow ... I'm sure there are many that appreciate this. I've since built a pair of GR N3's. Claimed as my own the end bedroom as my dedicated listening room (thx oh wonderful Schmoopie), and painted it. Built a set of outboard cross-overs with the help of the Ninja. Am building my own speaker wires for betwixt the cross-overs and the speakers. Oh... Guess what? I haven't yet heard my amp!! Or my speakers..... Soon though. I would like to thank Seth though for a lot of little things, but mostly, for being just the most dedicated customer care dude ever!!


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Re: Sensation Pics
« Reply #22 on: 19 Aug 2010, 01:46 am »
Guys, thanks for posting the GREAT pics!!!   Wow!!!

Would you mind reposting some of these in "Gorgeous Gear"?



Re: Re: Sensation Pics
« Reply #23 on: 19 Aug 2010, 01:53 am »
Your set-up is gorgeous, Monsieur L-E.  If you recall, we spoke about your configuration offline.  I got so jealous of the looks that I ordered one exactly the same color scheme.  I'm sure it'll look great, but I'm even more excited to hear the difference between a fully tricked-out 451 and the stock AC tour unit I have demoed.  If my initial experience is any indicator, your system is going to sound (at least) as good as it looks.

Best, -dB


Re: Re: Sensation Pics
« Reply #24 on: 19 Aug 2010, 02:49 am »
I'd be honored Seth

Hey -db    I am soooo dying to listen to my system.... lights out, eyes shut. I have had my play list for this particular experience ready for some time. Will keep you posted.



Re: Sensation Pics
« Reply #25 on: 19 Aug 2010, 03:03 am »
Don't shut your eyes -- you'll miss all the lovely visuals that you spent so much time assembling.  It will only add to the aural experience.