Anybody have Legacy speakers

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Re: Anybody have Legacy speakers
« Reply #20 on: 18 Apr 2010, 02:35 am »
  For those interested in hearing Legacy speakers and near the Chicago area, Legacy will be presenting tomorrow (April 18) to the Chicago Audio Society. Come meet and greet Bill Dudleston (founder and president of Legacy). They will be bringing their Whisper HD speaker system.
   We meet from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum building.
   Please bring your favorite cd's to listen to. For non members there is a $5.00 guest fee that can be applied towards an annual membership. Refreshments are served during the break. Lots of audio talk during the break.



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Re: Anybody have Legacy speakers
« Reply #21 on: 18 Apr 2010, 02:58 am »
Bill Dudleston is one of the few (very few) audio engineers (he is a graduate from University Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign), who understands the significance of controlled directivity. He brought that years ago (early 90's) with the Whisper. Once you hear the Whisper (and I assume the Helix), all the other speakers he has built sound broken. What he hasn't done is bring that technology down into the less than $10K range. Others have, however, they have used different design principles such as waveguides and horns.

When I listened to the Whispers they were indeed amazing. They definitely need the Steradian processor as the (4) 15 inch woofers are in a push pull open baffle array. In other words, the bass ski slopes from 100 hz on down and it needs boost which is what the Steradian provides. The bass was incredibly clean.  Still, when he added additional powered subwoofers, the system sounded much better. At that point you were talking about $20K (used prices).

I used to own the Studios in college and loved them at the time. I had listened to the entire line in Springfield from the Classics to the Whispers, however the Whispers just stood out and always sounded live, no doubt, due to the controlled directivity.



Re: Anybody have Legacy speakers
« Reply #22 on: 22 Apr 2010, 01:34 am »
Well, it was bound to happen.  Now that I've lived the Legacy's for awhile, I realize the need to feed it the best possible amp (that's affordable).  After a fair bit of research, decided on a Nakamichi PA-7 for the Signatures, and a Nakamichi PA-5 for the Silver Screen. 

I'll post updates once I get some time with the amps.  I remember listening to a PA-7 with Kappa-9's some years back, and was truly amazed at the sound from that combo.


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Re: Anybody have Legacy speakers
« Reply #23 on: 22 Apr 2010, 01:55 am »
Shoot em the juice and they will reward you. High current amps will make those baby's sing.
That's when my enjoyment went way up.
Keep us informed. Inquiring minds want to know.



Re: Anybody have Legacy speakers
« Reply #24 on: 24 Apr 2010, 12:31 am »
The first of three Nakamichi Stasis amps arrived today.  The PA-5, which will be hooked into the Silver Screen bi -amped, arrived today.  For now, connected it to the Signatures, and this amp is really nice.  Very  smooth sound, and seems to drive the Signature's just fine.  Can't wait for the PA-7 to arrive.  That should work even better with the Signature's.


Re: Anybody have Legacy speakers
« Reply #25 on: 27 Apr 2010, 01:42 am »
The PA-7 has arrived, and it really opens up the Legacy's nicely.  Will need some time to evalate, but at first brush, this is one great pairing of amp and speakers.


Re: Anybody have Legacy speakers
« Reply #26 on: 5 May 2010, 01:40 am »
The system is just about complete now.  Sold both the Sony's and picked up a Krell Showcase Pre/Pro connected to the PA-7s and the PA-5.  Very nice upgrade, and really nice sound.

Will post some pics and additional observations once I get a chance.