Dealer upgrades?

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Dealer upgrades?
« on: 3 Mar 2010, 01:55 am »

I'm thinking on upgrading to buying a original demo vr-5.

My dealer has upgraded models in the past ( vr-4's mostly ), however, If I purchase these and ask my dealer to upgrade to the VR-5 ANNI will it be the same workmanship as shipping to VSA themselves for the same upgrade?

I buy everything from this dealer, but, spending $1,000.00's of dollars on stripping new speakers and rebuilding them is another story!!

Anyone have dealer's do these upgrades? And what were the results?




Re: Dealer upgrades?
« Reply #1 on: 3 Mar 2010, 04:34 am »
Hi Mike,

SR Mk1 and Mk2 to 5 Annie mods have to be done at the factory because there are changes that need to be made to the inside of the speaker baffles (triple layer application and Quasi-TL tuning). We're not certified to do this but maybe your dealer is.