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Louis O

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Best match
« Reply #20 on: 9 Feb 2004, 12:56 pm »
Hi heartsandarmor,

Please forgive my delay in posting.

I have to say the posts that were made regarding the amps are excellent and I couln't have done a better job. Many thanks for all the posts.
I have the Sophia baby amp and it's pretty good, but I think you will do better with the Decware as well. I'm very impressed with the sound of the Decware amps and they are an amazing value.

Many thanks,


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Best match
« Reply #21 on: 26 Feb 2004, 07:03 pm »

Thank you for response.  I genuinely appreciate your comments and am glad to receive yet more validation of my choices.  Upon visiting your web site as I frequently do, I saw a brief reference to your new TS33 model.  I further saw the briefest of comments here but wondered when more information may be available.  As mentioned, I have definately decided on purchasing the Zen amp and it would appear that your new model is designed to be a perfect match.  I can only guess that given the Zens popularity, you can justify such a custom design.  Can you elaborate on why you have designed it as you have?  I do not profess to be as knowledgeable as are most of the members here but would like to educate mytself further so that I might understand and appreciate its construction.  Thank you again and keep up the stellar work.

Kind regards,