Amp for HT2-TL

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Re: Amp for HT2-TL
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UPS shows that the amp and preamp have been delivered

I was waiting for a UPS delivery and it was getting past the normal time for the last evening delivery.  So I checked online, and it said that it was "Delivered"
I went outside to retrieve the package, but it was nowhere to be found.  I called UPS and told them there was no package, and they said "Sorry, but our driver dropped it off and marked it delivered, so we have fufilled our shipping obligation"!
After canvassing the neighbors, I found it outside a neighbor's door 8 houses away.  They didn't even know it was there, as the doorbell hadn't been rung.  It was addressed correctly, but the driver apparently had dislexyia and hurriedly dropped it off at the wrong house.
I got lucky.  Moral of the story:  Don't ever ship anything important without getting a signature!

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Re: Amp for HT2-TL
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I'm hoping these Dodd's can do HT2's justice.  Now to save my pennies........