Synergistic amplifiers with Daedalus speakers

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Re: Synergistic amplifiers with Daedalus speakers
« Reply #40 on: 20 Sep 2013, 09:47 am »

 I thought I would resurect  this thread to tell you about a recent discovery. I listened to an Audio Research Reference 75 recently at a recent small show and was very impressed indeed. I have decided to work an extra year before retiring, so I figure I deserve a present. The Pathos Inpol2 I have been using for several years, has been great, but perhaps lacking a little drive and dynamics.

 I took delivery of the ARC a while ago and like Lou's speakers, this is a very special piece of kit. I know Lou favours Modwright and the power amps are excellent with his speakers. I still find, they have a tad too much solid state, grain to them. The ARC has all the drive, micro and macro dynamics, pinpoint imaging and soundstage depth, of the Modwright, but is mich more organic, it sounds like live music, less a recording. I am using it with a clone of the Music Audio Baby reference passive TVC and find the combination excellent.

 If you had the chance of of borrowing a 75 from a friendly local dealer, I would encourage you to try. It is plenty powerful enough for Lou's sensitive speakers. I have'nt managed to move the power meters on the ARC at all yet


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Re: Synergistic amplifiers with Daedalus speakers
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Although I don't own Daedalus speakers, I have my TubeGuru 6C33C that I import, driving a pair of similarly efficient Bastanis Mandala's with great results. It's only 14wpc, but that seems to be a powerful 14watts. We drove a huge planar magnetic speaker at the New York show recently with surprisingly good results. It drove them without any problem. I did hear briefly the f2a TubeGuru that the at the time west coast TG distributor loaned me and they sounded very good. I still prefer my 6C33C amp though.


Re: Synergistic amplifiers with Daedalus speakers
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By chance, my back up amp is 6C33C amp, an Ayon Spark, putting out 20 watts. I agree that the tube puts out an excellent sound. I think the Spark is one of the best amps I have heard. It does'nt come close to the ARC 75, being softer, less detailed and dynamic. To be fair, it is less than half the price