Day 2 and 3 coverage

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Re: Day 2 and 3 coverage
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Pez, thanks for your time, nice work much appreciated.



Re: Day 2 coverage
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Jaton Corp

Soundstring Cable Room

Easily one of my top ten rooms. It was surprising for a few reasons. The first being Tyson and I were going to just stop in, takes some photos and run. But when we got in the sound was awesome. We ended up spending about 15-20 minutes listening to track after track. The room consisted of Soundstring cabling, Bamberg Audio speakers, and Modwright amps.  It was one of the best put together rooms in the entire show. Really an excellent setup!

Thanks Pez, I just noticed this one.  I've got to hear the new Bamberg speakers.  I spoke with Phil a couple years ago when he designed a similar looking speaker and he was very excited. I found these on the website and they look like the same model. 

Great show report.  I hope you guys go to every show!  I really love the pictures and descriptions. 




Re: Day 2 and 3 coverage
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