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Louis O

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« on: 24 Dec 2003, 03:20 pm »
Well, the move is going really slow. When I planned it I didn't think I would run into all the problems that happened. Mostly it was the new place not being ready in time. It's all coming into place right now and all is left is to set up the machines. Getting ready for the CES was also in the mix as well. I did the move to cut costs and this enables me to keep prices were they are. My apologies for the lack of posts lately.
New address is 235 Main Ave. Norwalk, CT. 06851


3 reviews are going to be posted very soon.
Super/Grande 8 in Vacuum Tube Valley
Grande 6 on in January
Super 3R in a Greek magazine hopefully in January. I will have to translate this one.

The show:
I will be at CES/ THE show in room 2001 at the St.Tropez.
With me will be Hudson Audio (Audio Path cables, Eurolab)
2 Bald Guys Audio (Sun Audio and Eastern Electric)
Morch Tonearms
Audio Advancements (Tron, DPS, Shroeder, Allerts)  :o
Creative Sound (Subwoofers)

I have switched to a new internal cable for the R models. This cable is out of Germany and matches great with the speakers. Also I'm very interested in offering Bybee filters and looks like I will be offering a low cost speaker cable using the same internal cable from Germany. I was thinking of making a version of it which includes the Bybee filter.

The Super tweeters will be available very soon, probably after the show.

Beech finish will be discontinued and I might replace it with Walnut.

The site will be updated with new info and also a page including Audio Path cables, Stands, and new Platforms.

I'm working on 2 new speakers.
A single driver model for Solid State and a twin driver front firing TS3
More info coming soon on these.

Many thanks for all the support and have a happy Holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Best regards,


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Here's a vote for the Walnut finish! :D  8)

Thanks for the update - good luck at CES  :!:  :mrgreen:


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Happy New Year Louis.


« Reply #3 on: 25 Dec 2003, 02:07 am »
My sentiments exactly Bwana.
Hope you're having a great holiday season, Louis.

Louis O

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« Reply #4 on: 31 Dec 2003, 03:38 pm »
Thanks and I want to wish everyone a Happy and very Heathly New Year.
many thanks for participating in the Forum, I appreciate it greatly.

Walnut is in and I will be trying out a new double driver TS3 after the show.

Many thanks,


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« Reply #5 on: 31 Dec 2003, 06:25 pm »
Hey Louis,

What speakers are you taking to CES?

I'm auditioning the Eastern Electric MiniMax preamp right now and it sounds great with the stock Super 3s in my room. (I'm running the MiniMax through a nOrh SE-9 and the active pre adds quite a bit to the mix.) One nice surprise is the MiniMax seems to add even a bit more bass depth to the Super 3s already surprising performance. Plus Bill, the importer, seems like a heck of a nice guy.

Hope its a great show, and a great year for you.


Louis O

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« Reply #6 on: 2 Jan 2004, 02:02 pm »
Hi Mike,

I'm taking the Super 3s, Bipoles, Grande 6 and 8. Same as the VSAC show.

I heard great things about the Easern Electric amp and preamp from the 2 bald guys and can't wait to hear them. I'm curios about the amp and also trying the pre with the Sun Audio too. Great to hear it made an improvement to the SE-9. I can see it adding more gain and more bass depth is a great thing. I'm very happy you like the combination. I hope to meet Bill if he attends the show.

Thanks again and Best wishes for the new year,