Burson ab160 Audio buffer

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Burson ab160 Audio buffer
« on: 2 Sep 2009, 11:37 pm »
I was lucky enough to get on the list to borrow the new buffer from Burson. I did agree to write a few words on how it did in my system.
 When I inserted the Buffer between my Bent Audio Tap and my Spectron amp I didn't hear much of a difference. That is actually a GOOD thing. I was thrilled it didn't mess with the overall balance of my system. Next I tried it on my dac to pre run. Here I felt my system got a little more energy when the buffer was used. I was wondering what would be the perfect place to let the buffer excel? On to my DVD player! Ahhhh! All the sudden, my "middle of the road" DVD player was alive! The drive and the fullness of the soundtrack became much more pronounced. The soundstage became a touch wider, but much deeper.
 I postulate that some systems will just come alive with the buffer. We spend money on better cables, but some cd players, dvd players and even some preamps just won't drive those cables or our amps. The buffer will. And it will do it with 6 db's of gain. Gain is expensive. Quiet gain is really expensive! Speaking of expensive, the buffer could fool you into thinking it is. The chassis has the fit and feel of something costing a lot more.
 The bottom line is if you are serious about home theater, or are just not getting the dynamics from your audio rig. Try the buffer. If you are not sure, get in line to try one from Neil ( clearsound on Audiocircle). You may just find the new Burson 160 to be the missing link.
 Here it comes the " I have no affiliation with anyone speech". Both my systems are listed on that other site under hi5harry  in case anyone wants to know what gear the buffer was used on. Happy listening.