Favorite drummers?

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Re: Favorite drummers?
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Man, I agree with so many on this list (especially Peart), but how would you like to audition to be the drummer for Dave Grohl’s band?
Taylor Hawkins

Also, I saw Ted Nugent some years ago but I couldn’t stop watching the drummer. It turned out to be Tommy Aldridge. Effortlessly amazing.


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Re: Favorite drummers?
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A under rated drummer is Charlie Watts, a very classy drummer even playing in the Stones.


Re: Favorite drummers?
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    Another great AC MusicCircle thread! 

    The thing I love about good musicians is that you can't always judge a book by its cover.  I remember seeing Chris Poland play in a jazz trio some years ago, awesome.  Yes, Steve Smith shouldn't be overlooked.  Buddy Rich still amazes me every time I put his music on.  My favorite is probably Jeff Hamilton.