your fav. demo CDs?

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your fav. demo CDs?
« on: 18 Aug 2009, 02:10 am »
just wondering ... what cds do you use when demoing equipment?

I hate Fleetwood Mac, but love their TUSK album (well for some reason it bombed  :green:) ... must be one of the best recorded mainstream disks ... beautiful child, angel, sarah ... to name just a few ... great space between the notes, incredible low end, good soundstaging, very acoustic with just too nice vocal arrangements ... never see that disc on any high-end meeting  :scratch:

my other fav .... Rob Wasserman "Duets" ... he is mr. bassman who invited the who is who to do ... well duets with him ... very remarkable ... the balad of the runaway horse with Jennifer Warnes and "one more for the road" with Lou Reed himself

what are  yours ...????