Lii Audio Crystal-10 Drivers

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Re: Lii Audio Crystal-10 Drivers
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Remember video and audio were taken with a cell phone. Not the best quality. Source was reel to reel tape. There have been several Crystal 10 OB speakers built by posters on the Decware forum. Most of these builders are claiming they are the best full range single driver speaker they've ever heard.

There will be "live streaming" of Steve Deckerts upcoming Decfest get together on Oct. 3-5 which will feature the Lii Audio Crystal 10 driver in an OB configuration and with the driver in a custom cabinet designed and built by Lii Audio. This event will be live streamed in HD video with a professional stereo mike set up to capture the audio.

Feel free to tune in for a better listening experience.


i spent a few hours reading that thread. It has me really intrested.  i love a low power amp option. quick question here... so that shape of the betsey is important because why?

This could be an easy first speaker build project? I have some woodworking skills. Just get some plywood or mdf or hardwood and cut and install drivers  and enjoy?

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Re: Lii Audio Crystal-10 Drivers
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The open baffle barrel shape (Betsy Baffle) and dimensions were developed by Randy of Caintuck Audio,after a lot of trial and error. He designed the baffle to incorporate the Wild Burro Audio Betsy driver (8") and has been selling them for several years.

Randy's good friend, Steve Deckert of Decware upscaled the design dimensions to accommodate the larger Lii Audio Crystal 10 & F-15 drivers. Steve refers to the F-15 OB as the "Big Betsy' and the Crystal-10 OB as the "Big Betsy Juniors".



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Re: Lii Audio Crystal-10 Drivers
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There is other OB classic design simpler than Betsy, here w/the Super10CF:


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Re: Lii Audio Crystal-10 Drivers
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The Crystals look like beautiful drivers and well suited for OB. I’m looking forward to seeing some used ones come up for sale.