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Re: Multi-Amping
« Reply #40 on: 6 Sep 2009, 08:12 pm »
But don't lose hope!  If I get a little time, I will try to come up with a simple circuit that will let you turn the Virtue into a current source amp.

Sounds pretty cool! I'm guessing it would be smaller and less expensive than a First Watt F1 or F2?  :thumb:

I was just trying to figure out which resistor value I needed to address the damping, if I'm understanding that right.
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Re: Multi-Amping
« Reply #41 on: 25 Sep 2009, 06:02 pm »
Still here on the "Third Stone from The Sun" just swamped at work.  Still loving my dual Virtue One set up - it still has the abilities to completely astound me.  :drool:  Quite happy with it, but of course I look forward to the next "sleek machine" Seth delivers.  In no rush great things take time!  :D