$200 rcvr beats $11k separates

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Re: $200 rcvr beats $11k separates
« Reply #320 on: 12 Aug 2016, 11:34 am »
Are the 812s a good comp  ?

I have an 812 and to my ears it is just as good, plus I like the remote much better.  :thumb:


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Re: $200 rcvr beats $11k separates
« Reply #321 on: 12 Aug 2016, 12:00 pm »
I would stick with the 912, then you don't have to play 'what if'. I've collected 3 of them from ebay over the last few months so they are not that hard to find.

I've always found power conditioners to have a negative effect on dynamics, 'flattening' the overall sound so I plug amps/receivers directly into the wall.  But then I live in an area with pretty stable power and not a lot of severe electrical storms.  I still plug the rest of my gear into a SurgeX surge protector.  YMMV.

Good stuff, thanks. My plan is to collect 3 over the coming months as well, but did want to get some feedback about 919 as well as 812 to expand the choices. This whole thread started because of @gedlee's discovery and of course @James spilling it for members to take advantage. I'm surprised that his statement about the the sound quality of 919 "to be indistinguishable from the 912" didn't catch more attention so to speak.

I recently purchased a SurgeX (SX1120-ip) as well after reading that some *class D* amps can be hooked up to the conditioners. I guess the vsx is a diff animal.

I have an 812 and to my ears it is just as good, plus I like the remote much better.  :thumb:

Thanks for the feedback. 2nd person to back the 812 after @brother love :thumb:


Re: $200 rcvr beats $11k separates
« Reply #322 on: 31 Jan 2018, 07:29 am »
How would a vsx 912 fair at driving a pair of yamaha ns-1000?
Using two vsx-912 amps, as in using one vsx 912 for right and one vsx 912 for left would this improve anything regarding driving 4 ohm loads?

If a power amp / receiver / integrated amp cannot drive a given load during testing for CSA/UL approval without blowing a fuse, going into protection mode, or releasing the magic smoke, the manufacturer cannot rate the component into that load in the spec sheet.

So, the absence of a 4 ohm power rating means it has problems driving 4 ohm loads, plain and simple.


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Re: $200 rcvr beats $11k separates
« Reply #323 on: 24 Apr 2018, 04:50 pm »
Hi and thanks for the very interesting thread. 
I wonder if there is a way to boost the current of this amp.  A cheaper solution than this one here

an amp that can take a high voltage signal and add current would keep the good sound and drive the load properly.
I read somewhere that is the voltage gain stage that makes the sound.
Taken from the review here


" The voltage gain into 8 ohms was high from the unbalanced line input, at 29.9dB,
but, as specified, was much lower from the speaker-level input terminals: 5.5dB "

Current is important because many commercial speakers have low impedance in the low Hz ...  like even 2-3 ohm.