Mini-Review: Favorite Blu-Ray Music Disc or Blu-Ray Concert audio

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Blues   lovers...   A   must Have!!!   Pure Joy!!!    :thumb:

Pure  awesome, Audio and Video,  Buddy Guy a master at work!!!

2004 Montreux Jazz   fest  Blu Ray   buddy guy/bobby parker/ gatemouth brown    DTS-HD MA audio

While I only have the std DVD of this, I'd agree with all comments. But would respectfully add how amazing Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown's performance was. While knowing the name I was not specifically familiar with his music, though had undoubtedly heard some along the way. When you consider he was 80 when this show was played, dying the following year, it makes his contribution all the more inspiring. His playing crossed a lot of genres, and much as I enjoy & respect Buddy, Gate's offering makes this a must have disc on it's own imho.


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Hello everyone, may I join?  :)
Yesterday, I was shopping (offline) and also looking for new music when I found this BD by chance Friedemann - Echoes Of A Shattered Sky

I already had heard about the musician Friedemann but still didn`t know his music. After a short look at the recensions on Amazon I decided to buy the disc. A good decision! The music is a kind of melange with elements of Jazz, Folk/Ethno, Pop...

It is a BD "pure audio"with 2.0 LPCM in 24/192kHz and 5.1 DTS HD MA in 24/96kHz. With help of the yellow (2ch) and red (mch) key of the remote control you can switch between them. No need to turn on a TV.

Imho, it is a top quality disc. The sound quality is as it has to be on a BD. I can not say anything about the surround mix because I have a stereo setup only. The only issue I have with the album is... it is a bit short  :cry:

My other favorite BDs music/audio are Neil Young - Psychedelic Pill and The Cure - Trilogy

BD pure audio as replacement of the DVD-Audio? I can live with that  :thumb:


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I like Blu-

Ray Audio. I listen primarily to "classical" music. I'm having a hard time finding discs. Any suggestions about discs and/or sources would be much appreciated.

List of all bluray audios here ... Now in addition to sacds.