SongTower "RT's" in curly walnut - SOLD

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SongTower "RT's" in curly walnut - SOLD
« on: 22 Apr 2009, 10:20 pm »
Jean commissioned a pair of curly walnut SongTowers with ribbon tweeters.  When they were finished, he was worried about his financial situation and asked if we could sell them for him.  I said sure.

Here they are...

And a close-up...

These are SongTowers done in a standard curly walnut ($1795) with the ribbon tweeter/machined aluminum front baffle option ($700).  The total is $2495 and they are packed and ready for shipping. 

If you've been looking at a top-end SongTower package but didn't want to wait to have them built, this might be your pair.

- Jim
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