DVD Recorders and TV Tuners

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DVD Recorders and TV Tuners
« on: 24 Nov 2003, 07:00 pm »
Does anyone know if most (some) DVD Recorders have built-in TV Tuners like VCR did?  

Also does anyone know if the current line of Panny DVD Recorders have hi quality video, maybe on par with the RP-91?


I have the Panasonic DMR-E80H
« Reply #1 on: 24 Nov 2003, 08:12 pm »
This has a cable tuner and 4 - 5 recording modes.
XP = 10 megabit
SP - 5 megabit

Couldn't imagine a DVD recorder without a HD.


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DVD Recorders and TV Tuners
« Reply #2 on: 24 Nov 2003, 08:17 pm »
A lot of them do.  I would like to chuck the vcr and replace it with a DVD/ harddrive recorder, but the prices are still a little bit more than I want to pay.  Not that the price is out of line, I just don't watch enough TV to justify spending that much.

The main things I'd use one for would be to time shift the few shows I do watch and to make DVD-R recordings of sporting events (okay, football games :oops: ) with the commercials edited out.

My brother tapes a lot of games, and a few months ago we watched the game where Joe Montano brought the Cheifs back to beat Elways Broncos with a heroic last minute, 4th quarter drive.  That made me really wish I had some way to make higher quality recordings of great games like that for "posterity."

Not sure how good the Panny's are, but I'm anxious to find out, too.