Did anybody get to hear the Emerald Physics CS1's at RMAF 2008?

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I've heard the Emerald Physics speakers at RMAF the last two years and thought they were rather unremarkable. I guess that is why there are so many different speaker manufacturers since we each have different opinions as to what sounds good. I ended up ordering a pair of the new Kismet speakers from Odyssey Audio after hearing them at RMAF this year. I thought they were the best value at the show. Was considering buying the Minis from SP Technology until I heard the Kismets. I kept going back to the Odyssey Audio room and found the most satisfaction there for the money. The other two speakers that I was most impressed with not considering cost was the Academy Sovran from Chario in Italy and the Joseph Audio room. These speakers were on another level, but cost a lot more and did not have the value of the Kismets.