PRM-1 Solo and BSA-1 Attenuator board info added to the website.

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John Chapman

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I just finished up with another TAP system attenuator option for DIY and OEM TAP parts users. It's a lower cost '2 channel on one pcb' board that was a circuit Arn at Goldpoint came up with and it'll be sold as the 'Goldpoint BSA-1'. The BSA-1 has 1db volume steps just like the other TAP modules and also has the TAP power supply rolled on to that board. Info on the PCB is in the OEM/DIY TAP Module section of the web page and the doc at the bottom of that page has all the details for wiring and setup.

The most likely mating front panel board is the small PRM-1 module or PCB. This module and a BSA-1 together form what I called the PRM-1 Solo. It's a nice neat package that gives you remote control of volume and lots of level steps. Easy to retro fit to existing gear (fits right in the pot hole of the existing front panel) and also easy to mount into a diy project. Soon we'll have an option for a flush mount setup for DIY use. Info on the PRM-1 Solo is all online in that section of the web page and the doc at the bottom of that page has all the details needed.

Optional Source select boards can be added just by plugging them into the system and multiple BSA-1 modules can be stacked up for balanced or even multichannel systems.

For non remote use the BSA-1 mounts just like a pot at the front panel and is run from a level knob just as a traditional pot would be. It's an answer to the age old question stepped attenuator guys always get - "Can you do that with smaller steps?"..........Goldpoint will be stocking that board soon.