More parts improvements for the EM7-12

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More parts improvements for the EM7-12
« on: 9 Aug 2008, 05:27 pm »
Finally got all the parts to do this work.  Managed to get all these caps inside the chassis.

I moved the output transformer towards the amp's back (bottom in this pic) wall and the bias-supply terminal strip to the right.  Then had room for the large 80/370VAC motorrun cap, a 6/370 MR cap, and a new 470/450 initial cap, a Panasonic TS-ED.  Atop the latter are the Fairchild Stealth diodes.  To the right of the big MR is a 0.1/400 SoniCap Platinum bypass cap.  The 1st dropping resistor is a 100-Ohm Mills MRA-5; the 2nd is a half-Watt, 4.7K PRP.  The BlackGate 22/350 decoupler is more visible (slightly out of focus) in this pic.

All this stuff is mounted with 3M double-sticky foam tape.  Used OCC wire for what I added--14g. for the initial common bus and 18g. for the decoupler connection.

Also installed one pair of Cardas gold-over-copper binding posts (type CCGG... ...), since I never received the pair of knurled nuts to complete my 2 pairs of MusicPosts.  The Cardases sure are purdy!

These are the short versions and required slight modifications, plus the optional single washers, to install.