Final Fantasy X (PS2)

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Final Fantasy X (PS2)
« on: 13 Jan 2003, 07:02 pm »
I played this game during the winter holidays, and I'm still floored.  The game is immersive, expanise, extremely time consuming, but like no other game I've played.  If you're an RPG fan with some patience, I think you'll appreciate every nuance of this game.  I say patience not because the game is frustrating, but to fully complete the game and all of its sidequests approaches 200+hours.  Of course, you can also look at this as entertainment that costs less than $.25/hour :).


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Final Fantasy X (PS2)
« Reply #1 on: 13 Jan 2003, 10:09 pm »
I might have to check this one out, Rup.  I haven't touched my P2 since the X-Box came out, but FFX looks pretty interesting.