Diary: Constructing a 3 driver open baffle W subwoofer

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Re: Diary: Constructing a 3 driver open baffle W subwoofer
« Reply #40 on: 14 Aug 2008, 11:30 am »
I think you may be missing out quite a bit by not choosing to meet Mr. C.  He is a very well established oldtimer in the diy ob circles, and his "content baffle" shape has been copied by many in the past.  I would absolutely love to visit Mr C's shop and check out all his gear if it wasn't halfway around the world.  But I completely understand your hesitation to meet with strangers from the internet. 


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Re: Diary: Constructing a 3 driver open baffle W subwoofer
« Reply #41 on: 17 Aug 2008, 03:53 am »
The new servo is ... certainly different, I think the sub is more invisible and better integrated than it was before in general, however its also bottomed out a couple more times than usual but this was on new material so its hard to judge....perhaps i need to adjust the settings again for this servo or this servo is trying to go lower than the last one.

I don't really know what the new servo is supposed to do, perhaps Brian can chime in here.  I couldn't honestly say its an obvious improvement just that its different :)  I need more listening time really.

I 'think' its better....!

Mr Content:  I'm sure you can appreciate that I'm not so keen on inviting random people off the internet into my home :)
Especially members that i have no rapport with who have been a member here for a whole month!

The only thing different with the servo board I sent you (which BTW has become the standard version) is the shelving circuit will extend lower. So it may tax the system heavier. Try the 20hz extension to see if that becomes better. Please also try rumble filter to see if that helps with the bottoming.