Bent Audio TAP - Tape in and Tape out

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Bent Audio TAP - Tape in and Tape out
« on: 23 Jan 2008, 02:20 am »
Hi John
How does the "Tape in" and "Tape out" work? I would like to able to choose the source, say input 1 (CD) and route the signal to the "Tape out" into a cassette deck or preamp line source. I have tried this but there does not seem to be any sound from the CD spurce? Could you explain how the "Tape out" function works?

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Re: Bent Audio TAP - Tape in and Tape out
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jan 2008, 09:50 pm »

The TAP does not have a dedicated "tape input". It does have a switched 'tape output' - when switched on it routes the selected source to the tape out jacks. It is switched so that you can leave a recorder connected and take it off line and out of the signal path when not in use.

You should be able to do what you are trying to do. If you select input #1 (your CD player)  then turn on the tape output (via the button on the front panel - led on = tape output on) then it will send the CD player signal out the tape output jacks. Note that they are not level controlled - just a unity gain reflection of the signal from the cd player.  The TAP needs to be not in mute mode to unmute it's output so turn the volume up a bit from the bottom when testing.

Normally you'll listen to the player while recording via your main amp just as you always do. Note that this is not a 'tape loop' in the traditional sense. To do a tape loop you need extra 'stuff' in the main signal path all the time and since this feature is not often used I did not want to do that. As always trying to keep the main signal path as clean as I can........




Re: Bent Audio TAP - Tape in and Tape out
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Thanks for the helpful instructions John!  :D