Open and revealing - I/C's that transfer what the source produces !

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I'm NOT selling mine yet :lol:,the wywires cable is on the way.I let you know .:)



Yes, let me know...also, when they come, i'll lend you a pair of the silver hybrids I have, the new version to see how you like them!


Look like I am keeping it  :thumb:.

Lap San


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Look like I am keeping it  :thumb:.

Lap San

Matched my conclusions, but could you maybe expand a bit?  I love hearing other peoples impressions of the interconnect.


Tuan know i love the wooden bass sound,the image is great especially classical music,soundstage is Huge.i didn t realize what is missing until i try different cable.wywire have great kick bass response,sound darker then reavealing,i prefered the wooden bass sound on Tuan cables .everything sound the same.i could live with either cables.Wywire power cables is freaking awsome compare to some of the more expensive cables i have. :thumb:



Thanks Lapsan and Letitroll88,

I too believe that it's a good cable.  Like I said, I have tried many and ended up DIY my own. 

If anyone wants to try a pair...PM me, you won't be disappointed!

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hi read thru' the list of good reviews ... can pm me details...i seem to have problem trying to send pm to ur a/c. Thanks


John, if this is referring to what I wrote then I'll remove it.


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I recently won a pair of sonny's interconnects in the auction to benefit Gary Dodd.  In all honesty, I didn't expect much given the low cost.  I was mistaken.  I replaced a pair of MIT terminator 2 interconnects between my my phono stage and my amp.  After less than 24 hours of burn-in, it was obvious that in my system, these were far superior.  Soundstage was about the same, but tone and image specificity were far better with Sonny's interconnects...and these were the least costly model he makes.  The bass impact and clarity is excellent.  I'm impressed.


Thanks HiBuck!  I am glad the i/c works out for you in your system!  Please keep us updated as you continue to use them...


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I just finished one week of listening with Sonny's interconnect cables. Like I told him, I'm inexperienced and haven't evaluated many different cables at all.

I'm not going to say what my own cables are, but they're made by a very well reputed person in California, and they were quite reasonable considering that they're not mass-produced junk. I'm also listening to the WyWires cables and will post my findings in the appropriate thread.

Immediately after installing Sonny's interconnects, the music had a noticably more three dimensional quality. There was simply more of it and it was all more apparent. I suppose some call this detail. Also, an overall upfront sonic quality, which may be good or bad. Soundstage was another dramatic difference. I mean my Quad 12L2 speakers really did disappear most of the time, depending on how each recording was mixed.

The rest of my gear is a Bel Canto eVo2 Gen. 2 integrated amp, an Arcam CD-72 and an Audio by Van Alstine Omega Star DAC. Speakers are biwired.

Tone, dynamics, highs, lows, etc. seemed extremely balanced and just plain "right" to my ears. No part was excessive, all parts were evident. Everything was clean and smooth, whether the passage was powerful or quiet. Cymbals behind Miles Davis were beautiful, as was Bill Evans's piano.

Again, I am an audio gear novice pretty much. But for what Sonny is selling these for I think these cables would safely qualify as one of the great audio bargains I've seen. You really connected with the ball on this one, Sonny. Thank you for letting us all try your cables.


Thanks Ken, I am glad you liked them.  I'd be interested in hearing what you think of the Wywires!

Again guys, you gotta give my DIY I/Cs a try!  :thumb:
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Aren't these a completed product?


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Well, in that case can we please treat these as a commercial product. Critic's Circle is for independent reviews. Thanks ;)


I have just completed a fairly elaborate comparison between Tuan's silver and copper Reveal versions.  I thought I'd share my impressions.

My system: 2010 Mac Mini, Tranquility SE DAC, The Truth pre-buffer, Dayens Ampino amp, and Tekton Lore speakers.  I have had Signal Cable Silver and Anti-Cable interconnects between source/pre and pre/amp.

Last month I participated in the tour of the pair of Tuan's silver interconnects going around.  I have posted in that thread about my impressions.  After returning from vacation, I contacted Tuan about making me one pair of his silver and one pair of his copper so I could compare the two versions with each other as well as with my other interconnects.

When he sent them, he did not tell me which was which.  Only after I had decided which one I liked better did I ask him to tell me which was which.  So, this has been a bit of a blind taste-test of his cables.

Comparing the two straight between the DAC and Ampino (ampino is actually an integrated), I found it very easy to tell the difference between the two.  One was much more "lit up", energetic, and detailed, but also with a tonal shift toward higher frequencies.  The other had more body and was less "lit up", and less detailed in some subtle ways having to do with micro-harmonics.  The more "lit up" one was almost euphonic, but broaching the level of artificial detail.  Neither of them were grainy in any way whatsoever.

With the pre-buffer in the system, the buffer did its job of providing additional drive throughout the frequency spectrum.  In this case, I couldn't quite compare them head-to-head, but the exercise became one of playing around with combinations of Tuan's silver, his copper, and the anti-cables for the best combination.  Through swapping one for another in many, many combinations, I found that my preference was for his copper interconnects.  They have the right tonality, the right body, and additional detail on top of the anti-cables.  They do spatial cues and instrument separation nearly as well as the silver ones without the tonal shift.

However, the Ampino is known for being "lit up" already (read the 6moons review for more on that - I find it quite accurate).  In this case, I think the silver cables are too much of a good thing.  If you could use some more energy, perhaps a bit more tilt toward high frequencies, and you have plenty of body in your current system.  I could see the silver ones helping quite a bit. 

As for me, I'm returning the silver pair and ordering a second copper pair.  I think this is going to be just right for me.  If I end up with an amp change that with a different character, you bet I'll reconsider the silver vs. copper versions.


Hi all,

Another AC member recommended I try out a set of Sonny's copper IC's and the following is an e-mail I had sent to some of my friends describing what I had heard from them in my system.  Thought I'd share in case anyone else might be interested.

Morning fellas,

Well, I completed my IC comparison last evening before the kids and wife got home and thought I would share my thoughts with you.  As you know, I have kinda been curious what I might be able to gain by adding some higher dollar IC's or speaker cables to my system.  Early last week in talking with another AC member who has Salk speakers and crosses to a sub (TJHUB) we got onto a discussion about cabling and whether or not it made much of a difference in system sound.  TJHUB was in the camp that it does and that I really should try some cable demos as it really wouldn't cost me any money just to experiment.  Anyway, in those conversations he recommended that I contact a guy who goes by the handle Sonny (Tuan is his real name) on the AC and ask for a demo set of his Sweet Spot Reveal IC's in copper.  Apparently Tuan also makes cables in silver (which many have reviewed and commented on via the AC), but TJHUB preferred the coppers in his system and thought it might be a good match for me as well.  So after a few PM's with Tuan, I got a set of 3ft interconnects sent out to me for demo.

Got the Reveals on Thursday of last week and upon first glance I was kinda surprised by how thin in diameter the wires were in comparison to the interconnects I had been using. (Some no name brand.)  This concerned me a bit as I had always read that using shielded IC's were a good way to go and it appeared that the ones I was using previously had some shielding material on them.  Sent a PM to Tuan asking about this and he indicated that the Reveals were not in fact shielded, but had some type of 'drain' wire built into the IC.  He also mentioned that I needed to look on the connectors themselves for arrows to denote the current flow and that I should really try to break the cables in for about two hours before giving any critical listening.  Installed them into the system between the EE Minimax DAC and the AVA T8 pre on Friday morning, but didn't get the chance to break them in until Saturday morning as I was cutting the grass.  Before breaking them in, I gave a real quick listen to a couple of tracks off The Decemberists King is Dead CD.  Granted, this is far from a reference CD, but I was curious if I would notice any immediate change in sound quality over my old cables.  I "thought" I noticed a slight change in the amount of detail retrieval, but it wasn't anything profound.  Left the system play for 3 hours and then came back for more listening later that afternoon and Sunday.  My plan of attack was to listen to the Reality cables all weekend long to get used to the sound of my system and then Monday night put my old cables back in and do some A/B testing.

Listened to the system for quite a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday on a wide variety of material.  Nothing glaring jumped out at me saying that the cables were "great" nor "bad", but what I did start to notice is that the system just sounded a bit "better" than it had before.  It just had a more engaging quality than it had previously and the sound was "sweeter".  (More on that in the A/B comparison to follow.)  In the end, I kinda just chalked it up to I was just more in a music mood those sessions than I've been lately and nothing more.

So last night I finally did some direct A/B to my previous IC's and really tried to listen for changes.  First up was Dido's White Flag using the Reveals.  Thought things sounded really good once again and I was just smitten by the sound of Dido's voice on this track.  Just very smooth and buttery and perfectly in balance to the rest of the instrumentation.  Then I popped in my old IC's and gave that same track a listen.  Whoa......was her voice really projected that far forward compared to the Reveals?  It also sounded a bit more metallic (for lack of a better word) than it did before and had a slight grainy quality.  Thought it must be my ears playing tricks on me so I swapped back in the Reveals for another listen to the same track and sure enough the vocals were a little less forward and the buttery feeling came back again.  At this point I decided to try another track from a different artist to see if I could replicate those feelings.  Went with Vienna Teng's Tower off the Waking Hour CD.  First up, listened with my old IC's.  Things were sounding good as usual.  Easy to pick out percussion in the soundstage and Vienna's voice was sweet and subtle while the track also allows for you to hear breaths between lines.  Swapped back in the Reveals and gave another listen.  Gosh darn it if the vocals did not sound "sweeter" than they had previously and with less grain.  It also sounded like Alex's drum kit was placed a bit further back in the soundstage than the previous listen with my IC's.  Not satisfied and thinking I was just noticing this stuff because of the 2nd run through of the same track, I decided to put my old IC's back into the system for a 3rd listen.  Sure enough, the vocals were forward again, there was more granularity and there wasn't the depth to the soundstage that was there previously.  

Next up was Buddy Guy's Baby Please Don't Leave off the Sweet Tea album using my IC's.  This particular track has some great guitar in there and I tried very hard to just listen for the tone of the instrument.  Once again thought things sounded pretty good and swapped back in the Reveals for another listen.  Once again, Buddy's guitar just had less grain in the sound and the tone could best be described as sweeter and more real. (Now I am understanding using the word sweet in the cable name.)  Swapped the cables back out again and listened once more with my standard set.  This time Buddy's guitar almost took on a painful quality especially in parts where there was feedback present.  Thought I was just delusional so I swapped out the cables yet again and sure enough with the Reveals back in the guitar had that wonderful tone back and I never cringed in hearing the feedback.  Was getting pretty tired of all the cable swapping at this point, but wanted to do one more test track which was Allison Krauss and Union Station singing Ghost In This House off their live album.  This is a track I use quite frequently when auditioning gear because there are particular points in the track where on certain gear Allison's voice just can get a bit uncomfortable for me to listen to especially in the higher registers.  Never have felt that way with my home system, but thought this might be a good test to see if the Reveals could improve what I was hearing.  First up, I listened with my standard IC's.  Things sounded good and I tried very hard to pay particular attention to some cymbal hits I was hearing to the left of the soundstage.  Then I dropped in the Reveals.  Whoa......the cymbal hits really took on a new life.  It was much easier to pick them out and the shimmer and decay was much more real sounding to me than I had heard on the previous listen.  Again I thought I better listen with the old IC's to make sure it wasn't just easier to pick this stuff out in subsequent listens.  Sure enough, upon swapping out the cables the cymbal strikes were there, but their presence was not as noticeable and it was very hard to make out the note decay.  Started the track over again and this time just concentrated on Allison's vocals.  Sounded good.  Swapped in the Reveals once again and gave another listen.  Yep, less forward sounding than before and once again it was as if a metallic grain had been removed from her voice.  Her vocals just drew me in and completely engaged me.  Decided once again to put my IC's back in and listen for vocals.  Dang, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing and for the first time Allison's vocals especially in the upper registers made me wince a little bit and this has never been my experience with her vocals on my main rig.  Is the Reveal allowing the music to be played in the way it was meant to be heard or how it was originally recorded?  That I don't know, but to my ears I certainly preferred the presentation with vocals sounding less grainy and more balanced to the rest of the instruments.  It's hard to describe, but it's like the Reveals allow for more details to be obtained in the recording (like cymbals), but at the same time this additional detail doesn't wear on you or come across as harsh.

In the end, I'm sure I'm going to end up with some Reality cables in my system.  Just trying to decide if I can pull off the expense now ($125) or if I'll wait until a little later in the year after I've done a few other audio purchases like adding a Rymik sub to my Salk ST's.  The hard part here is what I believe Pennington alluded to when he was making some changes in cabling and power cleaning which is that once you hear your system sound better, it's REALLY hard to remove that addition from your system and that's where I'm at.  In fact, I'd like to get another set of Reveal IC's for the connection from my pre to my amp to see what improvements that might offer as well.