TVC Further Upgrade

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TVC Further Upgrade
« on: 24 Jul 2007, 08:56 pm »
Hi all,

Ray here.

I took the plunge and did some more upgrading? my TVC. I haven't decided if I totally like the results, but I do like some of them. Rather, than repost it here, I posted it in the TVC thread on Audio Central.

I'm thinking about going back in and cutting some of the BHP back a little. So this then would just let it have the mounting part of the frame touch the steel plate.


Hi Again,

I couldn't resist. I went back in and cut the BHP back to 2.5 inches. I also then put the almost 6.5 by 2 inch strip from the front to the bback of the TVC, in between the trafos. It did pull the mids back just a bit, but, the bass is back.

As far as the way voices sound, Susan Ashton on her Amazing Graceland CD, the third song must have had some alergies that day. I never noticed it before, but now that song is almost unlistenable. There is more detail if you can believe it. I think I've got the TVC about where I want it. Everyone says to ground the TVC. I'll do that, but for the moment, I'm gonna listen some more. 
 Happy Listening
Ray Bronk
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