I have Adapted

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Re: I have Adapted
« Reply #20 on: 9 Jun 2007, 06:21 am »
I personally was not interested and did not believe in room treatments not even 50%. What I believe is having a good to an excellent high end audio components based on my ears and my taste. But since I installed the Eighth nerve adapters and corners yesterday and today I am impressed how "I am adapted." :thumb:


Re: I have Adapted
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For years I was led to believe that the room is not important, then I went to a recording engineer's house and noticed he had acoustic room treatments all over. I asked him what is that for and he said it will help the room sound more real take away the unwanted outside sounds that will contribute to altering the sound.

  I was in the same situation until I went to your house and was amazed how these room acoustic treatments can contribute to a better sound. I have to say that these are a MUST HAVE items in every audiophile's room.

Quote from: Tanchiro58
I am impressed how "I am adapted."

I told you so!!! :)