Power strip or filter?

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Power strip or filter?
« on: 6 Mar 2007, 02:54 am »
I have a Monster HTS MKII 1000 power line filter for sound and cinema viewing, however, now I am kinda confused since "most audiophiles" state that for a better sound is better to have a clean power source, no filter, surge protectors etc just a well built power strip uninterrupted.  I know that most audiophiles dont consider Monster to be a top of a line product but these filters cost me almost $200 a piece and I got 2.  Also I replace my stock ac receptacle to an Acme cryogenically treated outlet $45 for a outlet ouch!!  I just got one for my main A/V needs.    Also, I am considering changing most of my cheap outlets to Hubbell hospital grade outlets at $6 a piece better than the commecially available ones that cost less than a dollar. 

Anyway, getting into the powerstrip/line filter/noise reduction question, what really works best for sound improvement?  Did I go the wrong route my purchasing the Monster line of product for noise ac noise rejection?  Or should I just spend my money on a good quality built power strip???  If so, what power strip is a good one for my stereo needs?


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Re: Power strip or filter?
« Reply #1 on: 6 Mar 2007, 03:04 am »
This is so location dependent.  Are you in a city, burbs or out in the boonies?


Re: Power strip or filter?
« Reply #2 on: 6 Mar 2007, 03:09 pm »
I agree that it depends on your situation.    If you just plug your amp and source into the wall outlet (remove the Monster) for a listen, do you hear any nastiness?     Are there any pops or weird noises indicating that noise from your large appliances, like a refrigerator, are polluting the AC in your home?   Is there a loss of bass or dynamics?

Then, put the Monster back in after a week or so....is there a difference?   One way will probably sound better than the other. 

I have a power strip only and it works great for me.  BUT, it is scary not having surge protection.  i'm careful to keep some of my gear unplugged except when using it.

Mine is the Balanced Power Technologies  Pure Power Center w/Oyaide SWO-XXX outlets.  Considering these outlets are $90 each, getting the entire power strip for $350 seemed like a bargain.  Amongst power strips with no filtering, i think the BPT model is the best.   Good for the $ and lots of options, plus a copper chassis seems to reject RFI/EMI pretty good.    I live in skyscraper close to a large urban area.


Re: Power strip or filter?
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I live in the beautiful city of Chicago!  No boonies here, lol!